Database - Examples

Here are some "real world" examples of using the database library to construct your queries and use the results.

Examples of Prepared Statements

TODO: 4-6 examples of prepared statements of varying complexity, including a good bind() example.

Pagination and search/filter

In this example, we loop through an array of whitelisted input fields and for each allowed non-empty value we add it to the search query. We make a clone of the query and then execute that query to count the total number of results. The count is then passed to the Pagination class to determine the search offset. The last few lines search with Pagination's items_per_page and offset values to return a page of results based on the current page the user is on.

$query = DB::select()->from('users');
//only search for these fields
$form_inputs = array('first_name', 'last_name', 'email');
foreach ($form_inputs as $name)
    $value = Arr::get($_GET, $name, FALSE);
    if ($value !== FALSE AND $value != '')
        $query->where($name, 'like', '%'.$value.'%');
//copy the query & execute it
$pagination_query = clone $query;
$count = $pagination_query->select('COUNT("*") AS mycount')->execute()->get('mycount');
//pass the total item count to Pagination
$config = Kohana::config('pagination');
$pagination = Pagination::factory(array(
    'total_items' => $count,
    'current_page'   => array('source' => 'route', 'key' => 'page'),
    'items_per_page' => 20,
    'view'           => 'pagination/pretty',
    'auto_hide'      => TRUE,
$page_links = $pagination->render();
//search for results starting at the offset calculated by the Pagination class
$query->order_by('last_name', 'asc')
    ->order_by('first_name', 'asc')
$results = $query->execute()->as_array();


TODO: example goes here
We could use more examples on this page.


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