About Kohana Cache

Kohana_Cache provides a common interface to a variety of caching engines.Kohana_Cache_Tagging is supported where available natively to the cache system. Kohana Cache supports multiple instances of cache engines through a grouped singleton pattern.

Supported cache engines

Introduction to caching

Caching should be implemented with consideration. Generally, caching the result of resources is faster than reprocessing them. Choosing what, how and when to cache is vital. PHP APC is one of the fastest caching systems available, closely followed byMemcachedSQLite and File caching are two of the slowest cache methods, however usually faster than reprocessing a complex set of instructions.
Caching engines that use memory are considerably faster than file based alternatives. But memory is limited whereas disk space is plentiful. If caching large datasets, such as large database result sets, it is best to use file caching.

Minimum requirements

  • Kohana 3.0.4
  • PHP 5.2.4 or greater


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