Kohana 3 :: Debugging

Kohana includes several powerful tools to help you debug your application.
The most basic of these is Kohana::debug. This simple method will display any number of variables, similar to var_exportor print_r, but using HTML for extra formatting.
// Display a dump of the $foo and $bar variables
echo Kohana::debug($foo, $bar);
Kohana also provides a method to show the source code of a particular file using Kohana::debug_source.
// Display this line of source code
echo Kohana::debug_source(__FILE__, __LINE__);
If you want to display information about your application files without exposing the installation directory, you can useKohana::debug_path:
// Displays "APPPATH/cache" rather than the real path
echo Kohana::debug_path(APPPATH.'cache');


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